Why You Need a UTV

Why You Need a UTV

Are you considering purchasing an ATV but have heard that a UTV might be a more versatile option? It’s true that ATVs are fun, practical and multipurpose, but they aren’t always the best choice for more heavy-duty applications. A UTV is ideal for anyone who needs room to carry both equipment and passengers and it will likely be able to handle tougher jobs than you would expect from an ATV.

At Bobs Motorsport, we have both UTVs and ATVs for sale. We would be pleased to help you determine which option is best for you based on how you plan to use it. Below, we answer some common questions about UTVs that we get from our customers.

Have a specific question or want to see for yourself which is right for you? Contact a member of our sales team and let us help you find a UTV for sale within our inventory that perfectly matches your performance expectations.

What is a UTV Used For?

A UTV can be used in a variety of applications and is generally best for helping you to get a job done, rather than being a recreational vehicle. Ideal for commercial usage, UTVs are capable of comfortably carrying passengers and also equipment too. UTVs are commonly used for hunting, agriculture, and even for sports usage. UTVs can be equipped with additional equipment such as plows to make them a purpose-driven vehicle year-round.

What is The Best UTV for Plowing Snow?

Both ATVs and UTVs can be used with a plow to clear snow. We feel that it is best to choose a UTV based on the bulk of your needs as most UTVs will be able to accommodate a plow. We feel that Yamaha makes some of the best side-by-sides around and consider the Yamaha Wolverine to be a fantastic option for many of our customers.

Can I Drive My UTV on the Road?

In Ontario, it is legal to drive a UTV on a road under certain circumstances. Your UTV is permitted to travel on provincial highways such as low traffic highways, highways 500-899, and many 7000-series highways. Off-road vehicles are not permitted to drive on 400-series highways, the QEW or the Trans-Canada Highway. Always check with municipalities to ensure you are allowed to operate a UTV on its roadways and always follow rules for operating your UTV on a roadway or highway.

Can I Make a UTV Street Legal?

Our customers often want to know how to make a UTV street legal. You do not need to make modifications to your UTV to make them street legal in Ontario. However, you are required to have your UTV registered and insured. You must also display a licence plate unless your region is exempt from this policy. Information regarding Off-road vehicles can be found at Ontario.ca.

UTVs are incredibly versatile and can offer much-need support for your commercial or recreational usage. Contact a member of our team today and discover a Yamaha side-by-side that makes your life easier and takes you anywhere you need to go. 

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