What is a UTV or Side by Side?

Almost everyone has heard of an ATV and that word is likely what comes to mind when you see any four-wheel off-road vehicle. But ATVs aren’t the only player in the game. Though ATVs’ are often suitable for off-road fun and light work you may find that it doesn’t quite do everything you need it to, including transporting more than one or two passengers. When you need a bit more functionality from your off-road vehicle, a UTV is what you’ll need.

What is a UTV or Side by Side?

At Bob’s Motorsports, we are passionate about all things Powersports. We love UTVs’ and know that they can be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you’ll ever own. In this article, we outline everything you should know about UTVs and provide you with some tips on choosing one that is right for you.

What Does UTV Stand for and Why Might I Want One?

A UTV or utility terrain vehicle is made to complete any task you throw its way. Ideal for both recreational and commercial use, it combines off-road capability with extra performance features. Many UTVs seat two or even four passengers side by side rather than having a passenger riding on the back of an ATV. UTVs are also larger and more powerful than ATVs, making them more suited to hauling equipment or even animals when using a UTV for hunting.

In addition to UTVs’ having more seating room, they also often come with extra storage to help you get necessary gear anywhere you need it to. UTVs’ may also offer some towing capacity and can pull a small trailer. There are endless applications where a UTV can be used and they are popular tools used by the constructing, farming, and even sporting industries.

What is the Best Side by Side UTV to Buy?

If you’ve been wondering what the best UTV to buy is, you’re going to want to consider what you will use it for first. If you need a four-seater option that offers great performance and is comfortable to ride in, you may find your ideal UTV in a Yamaha side by side for sale within our current inventory. Yamaha makes quality UTVs that are dependable, reliable, and also fun to operate. They make a great choice for hunting, construction, farming, or any other application you can dream of. Yamaha UTVs are ideal for recreation or work and offer convenient features like being capable of acting as a plow. There is sure to be the right UTV for you within our inventory.

Can Some UTVs Operate in Water?

UTV’s are not made for the water but you can find this level of performance in an XTV. If you need a bit more capability than a UTV, you might want to consider looking into one of the exciting Argo amphibious XTV for sale within our inventory. If you need to move between water and land, or even just seriously muddy terrain, this is your best bet. Argo makes your ultimate outdoor companion and takes you anywhere you need to go.

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