Can You Plow Snow With an ATV?

Can You Plow Snow With an ATV?

If you live in a snowy climate for many months of the year, there is no doubt you would consider options to make your life easier when it comes to clearing snow. When you live on a farm or have a large driveway that would be tedious to use a shovel or snowblower for, an ATV can be a great option to use for clearing snow.

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How Much Snow Can an ATV Plow?

An ATV can likely handle most snowy situations, but this will depend on where you live and the consistency of the snow. In most cases, an ATV with a plow can plow 6-8 inches of light snow. If you are dealing with very deep or very heavy snow you may need to find a different option for snow removal.

How Much Snow Is Needed to Use an ATV Plow?

When using your ATV to remove snow you should have at least 1” of snow on the ground. Any less, the plow may not be effective in snow removal. In many areas, achieving 1” of snow will be typical on a regular basis. In these areas, having an ATV with a snow plow attached is a great idea.

Can I Put a Plow on My ATV By Myself?

If you are wondering how to put a snow plow on an ATV, there are a few things you will need to do. This task can be done at home but you will need the appropriate equipment to complete the tasking which will include a jack.

1. Install a mounting frame – in order to attach a snow plow to your ATV you will first need to install a mounting plate or frame. If you have the appropriate tools you may be able to do this on your own, but you may consider having a professional or dealership service department install the mounting plate and plow on your ATV.

2. Install push tubes – push tubes attach the plow blade to your machine. When it comes to push tubes, you have the choice between ones that stay straight or articulating push tubes. We feel choosing articulating push tubes that can come up off the ground when you are not plowing snow is the most versatile choice.

3. Screw in the snowplow blade – the snow plow blade is the part that will push the snow for you. This piece of the snow plow will screw into the push tubes.

Always remember that every snow plow manufacturer will have different directions for installation. Install your snow plow according to the directions of your plow manufacturer and always check the user manual of your ATV for compatibility. 

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