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Yamaha SRX120R Snowmobiles For Sale In Chatham ON

You love to hit the snowy trails or ice and experience everything that winter has to offer and you certainly want to share this love of the outdoors with your children too. When it comes to powersports and children, safety is always the top priority. For years, Yamaha has manufactured kids and youth snowmobiles that offer tons of fun and nurture a love of the outdoors. When you want to share your love of snowmobiles with your kids, the Yamaha SRX120R is your top choice.

At Bob’s Motorsports, we love snowmobiles just as much as you do. We also understand that safety is your priority when it comes to your kids. We think that the Yamaha SRX120R is the perfect first snowmobile for kids. We can’t wait to help you share the love of the outdoors with your entire family and are your top choice when looking for a Yamaha SRX120R for sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Product may be in our Inventory Listing, but may be Available for Transfer or Available from Yamaha. Please Call for Price and Availability. Thank You.


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Why is the Yamaha SRX 120R a Great First Snowmobile?

The Yamaha SRX120R is perfect for kids and parents too. With safety features such as auto shut off when a rider is off the snowmobile you can feel great about safety. You’ll also love parent controls on speed that allow you to monitor your child’s abilities and gradually increase their top speed. An easy-to-start engine and smooth and predictable handling also makes the snowmobile very kid-friendly, and always lots of fun.

What Other Kids Snowmobiles Are Available?

If you are looking for an age-appropriate snowmobile for younger riders, the Yamaha Snowscoot could be your best bet. This much-loved snowmobile is perfect for young riders and offers lower, but still, fun speeds making it a favourite for parents too.  

Do You Offer Snowmobile Financing?

Buying a snowmobile for your child is exciting for the entire family. We want to make your snowmobile purchase easier and offer financing options to suit any need. Contact us today or apply for snowmobile financing online to learn more about how we can help you get the ideal snowmobile financing rate.